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Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church, East Boston, was founded in 1911 by Norwegian immigrants.  The church also served as the Norwegian Seamen’s Mission for many years.  The congregation made the hard transition to a true “urban neighborhood” church after the original member families had long since moved out of East Boston.  The church is located in Maverick Square, which in the 1980’s was considered a rough, often dangerous place – officially off-limits to US Navy personnel when ships were being repaired here.  

Soon after, we adopted an “open door” approach to the community, and in doing so learned the gifts and blessings of hospitality which can emerge in a poor city neighborhood.  In the 1980’s and 90’s, Our Saviour’s, together with a community organization housed in the basement of the church, became the center of work with thousands of refugees and immigrants in East Boston – the largest community-based program in Boston. 

Later, came community organizing with neighborhood residents in the face of surging crime. More recently the church helped 22 families save their housing from demolition to make way for waterfront development.  Three immigrant churches worship here - two Latin American and one Brazilian.

The outstanding ministries of Our Saviour’s are worship and hospitality. Thousands know the church as a hospitable place for community service and action. 


Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church is a place which, following the Lutheran tradition, values questioning as a route to understanding, connection, and empathy.  By creating a space of compassion we explore the inherent relatedness of our creator and redeemer.  We look to rediscover and renew our ways of interacting with our world; our worship service, our music, and our liturgy are a way to refocus.  We aim to deeply connect to ourselves, to each other and to the world’s greatness and glory.  Our service aims to be a balm of healing as well as a way to confront and sit with our troubles.  We aim to grow through our being in community with each other, a place in which we gain higher awareness of the sanctity and sacredness of life.

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28 Paris St, East Boston, MA 02128, USA

(617) 569-6236


(617) 569-6236

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